How to make angle finder program in c++

April 25, 2013

How to make angle finder program in c++

Write a program that inputs an angle and determines whether the angle is an acute angle, obtuse angle or a right angle (uses if-else-if).

  •                        Step1:    Start
  •                        Step2:    Declare angle as variable
  •                        Step3:    If angle is greater than 0 and less
  •                           than 90 then display Acute Angle 
  •                        Step4:    If angle is equal to 90 then the
  •                           angle is Right angle
  •                        Step5:    If angle is greater than 90 and less
  •                          than 180 then the angle is Obtuse angle
  •                       Step6:    End


angel program on  C++


# include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main ()
            int angle;

            cout<<"Put the value of Angle="<< endl;
            cin>> angle;
            if (angle> 0 && angle<90)
                        cout<<"This is Acute  angle"<< endl;
            else if (angle==90)
                        cout<< "This is Right angle"<< endl;
            else if (angle>90&&angle<180)
                        cout<<"This is Obtuse angle"<< endl;
                        cout<<"You entered a invalid angle"<< endl;
return 0;

angel program on  C++

angel program on  C++ by waqeeh ul hasan

angel program on  C++

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